WELL, THE VOTING IS OVER! We have a winner for the Gridiron Alumni Football Photo Contest.  We were looking for the best action shot and we had all of the voting on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GridironAlumni. Thanks to all who participated. In the championship, we had a record 254 Votes and 62 SHARES. It was a back and forth battle. Finalist #2 started out hot, but then #4 poured on the votes. Near the end, it really could’ve went either way. However, the winner is Finalist #2 with 150 votes to Finalist #4’s 104 votes. Thanks to Gil Werntz for his submission. Thanks to all who submitted, shared, and voted. That was a ton of fun. Stay tuned. I’m going to do a new contest after the 4th of July.  The winner of the contest gets a free Gridiron Alumni t-shirt and a DVD of their choice. For those of you wanting to see the photo that won, we’ve posted it below.