Alumni Football Has Positive Benefits Beyond Just Football

I’ve seen a few articles in main stream media about the detriments of play alumni football. Both Sports Illustrated and the New York Teams have taken pot shots at the sporting event.  Well, if it bleeds, it leads.  Why not talk about the positive side effects of alumni football and have some fair and balanced reporting? I’ve mentioned this on a few different occasions, but there are so many positive effects to alumni football, it’s just mind boggling. Here is just a short list of those benefits.  If you would like to add to it, please let us know.

1) Increased Agility:

Let’s face it; as we get older, we get fatter and slower, but it’s even worse than that. We lose agility.  Beyond football, how many times have you done “high knees” or “kick your butt?” Probably never. Exercises like these increase your fast twitch muscles.  Fast twitch muscles are responsible for your agility. Some would call it “cat-like reflexes.” By going out on the practice field again, you will not only probably lose a little weight, you will gain back a lot of lost agility.  Agility is important as we get older. It’s what keeps us from losing our balance and falling down…..HELP! I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!

2) Weight Loss:

We talked breifly about fatter and slower. Let’s focus on the fatter. The average male puts on 20 pounds after high school. Some a lot more than that. For every game we do, we usually have about 3-6 players who have lost 30-40+ pounds. That’s a significant decrease in weight.  It gets better though. That is a signifcant decrease in your chances for heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular disease.

Gridiron Alumni Takes on Little League World Series

Mountain Range Little LeagueNow, we mostly talk about football around these parts, but something happened yesterday in baseball that just totally irks me, so I’m going to say it. 

Little League World Series needs to seriously review their program and make a change to their format. Just like “tuck” rule is a dirty word in Oakland, some good should come out of this mess.

We can call it the “Nevada rule.”  

How can Nevada not be in the championship?  The Little League World Series is supposed to be about the best team in the nation. First off, allow me a disclaimer. I never have a “team” in these things. Sure, I was rooting for Northern California to knock off Nevada in the Regionals, but after watching them play, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Since I have a 9 year old daugther, we were all watching and rooting for Emma March to knock one out of the park. I also wanted to see a very athletic, intelligent and very mature Mo’Ne Davis to pitch well, but I knew she was going to run into a buzz saw called Nevada.   

There is no argument! Anybody who watched the LLWS could see that there was only one DOMINANT team in the series. Sure! There were lots of good teams playing. Some amazing kids doing extraodinary things. There were lots of good stories and good angles for the media to cover, but I’m not talking about stories or angles. I’m talking about Champions! Those kids from Nevada torched every team in this nation, including the Chicago team representing the USA today. Chicago got smoked by Nevada last week, 13-2, pushing Chicago into the consolation bracket.  

So, current rules have it so that everybody is allowed to have a bad game EXCEPT in the Championship?  The bracket leading up to the Championship game is labeled “DOUBLE ELIMINATION!” Apparently, that means double elminition for everyrone except Nevada this year. How does that happen? They never lost all tournament. They beat most teams by 10 runs or more. Then, they lose one game, which happens to be the final game just barely (7-5).  So, everybody gets double elimination except them? Good for Chicago to be able to stick around. I’m not trying to take anything away from them. They are truly playing a high caliber of baseball right now, but they are no Nevada.  They won most of their games by 1 or 2 runs and good for them that they won when they needed to.  But, how does Nevada not get a “do-over” when everyone else does?

I’ll be rooting for Chicago today. I hope they continue their Cinderella story to be an amazing South Korea team.  I will chant “USA! USA! USA!” and celebrate their victory and console their loss. With all that being said, the best little league team in America will be sitting in the stands. If you agree, tweet this article and use #NEVADARULE.  

Great New Video By Weird Al!

There’s probably a whole generation out there that doesn’t know who Weird Al is.  It is probably the same generation that needs to see this video. Go get ’em Al!


Prepare to cry laughing

Here is the latest edition of Mean Tweets by Jimmy Kimmel.  If you’ve never seen them before, they will make you laugh so hard that you will cry a little.  I’ve got to say, Sophia Vergara is my favorite response.  Enjoy!

New Player Survey! Win Free Prizes

This year, we have had an incredible amount of registrations that did not convert into players. Our average conversion rate is around 50-65%. We always get a few “Lookie Lous.” However, this year, the rate of “Lookie Lous” has gone way up. We have had several games with more than 50 players on each team registered, but where only a few people would pay their player fee and/or show up to practice. It takes a lot of work to put together a game and get a field. It’s a real kick in the teeth when you put in all the work and there’s no payoff.

In order to combat this, we are deciding on whether to implement some type of “Deposit.” We wanted to run you through a quick 5 question survey. Please take a moment and fill out our survey. For every 5 surveys we get in, we will give out one of the following prizes.
Gridiron Alumni t-shirts
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Thanks in advance for your participation in this survey. Click the link below:
Best wishes,

Quarterbacks Throwing Left Handed

Here’s a fun video of quarterbacks throwing left handed. 

It’s funny to watch some of the best quarterbacks in the nation throw the ball southpaw.  AJ McCarron looks like my 6 year old throwing with his left.  Aaron Murray tries so hard to make it look right, but in order to make it happen, he has to slow down, think about every mechanic, and struggle hard to get through it. Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater avoid the embarrassment by just lobbing it. 

Pretty funny stuff, but the music is just atrocious. ATROCIOUS!!! 

Draft Day Movie Review – Including Trailer

Hey Guys! I just thought I would give a quick review of the movie Draft Day, with Kevin Costner.  The movie had a great plot line with a really good twist at the end. I went to see this with a buddy, thinking that my wife would be bored to tears. After watching it, I really think that most wives would have liked it. There’s a couple of reason why. First, they do have a really nice romantic component, along with a somber backstory.  Secondly, I think that many women do not understand anything about the draft. I know I’m being sexist, but I’m not trying to do so. My wife loves football and she loves our 49ers. But, she couldn’t tell you one thing beyond a broad definition about what goes on with the draft. 

Don’t believe me? Look at the audience during Draft Day. I’d say it’s safe to assume we’re looking at 98% men. The other 2% are probably the SUPER fans and the ones that just want to be closer to the husband, so we’ll share this perfect day together. I feel sorry for the latter.  

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, Draft Day Movie is pretty darn good. Kevin Costner and Dennis Leary are spot on. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. 


You’re the State Farm Guy

I just think this commercial is so simple, yet good.  As you all will recall my Aaron Rodger’s April Fool’s Day joke article.  This is to hopefully make up for the Packers fans who are probably still mad at me. Go Aaron!