Draft Day Movie Review – Including Trailer

Hey Guys! I just thought I would give a quick review of the movie Draft Day, with Kevin Costner.  The movie had a great plot line with a really good twist at the end. I went to see this with a buddy, thinking that my wife would be bored to tears. After watching it, I really think that most wives would have liked it. There’s a couple of reason why. First, they do have a really nice romantic component, along with a somber backstory.  Secondly, I think that many women do not understand anything about the draft. I know I’m being sexist, but I’m not trying to do so. My wife loves football and she loves our 49ers. But, she couldn’t tell you one thing beyond a broad definition about what goes on with the draft. 

Don’t believe me? Look at the audience during Draft Day. I’d say it’s safe to assume we’re looking at 98% men. The other 2% are probably the SUPER fans and the ones that just want to be closer to the husband, so we’ll share this perfect day together. I feel sorry for the latter.  

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, Draft Day Movie is pretty darn good. Kevin Costner and Dennis Leary are spot on. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.