Alumni Football Has Positive Benefits Beyond Just Football

I’ve seen a few articles in main stream media about the detriments of play alumni football. Both Sports Illustrated and the New York Teams have taken pot shots at the sporting event.  Well, if it bleeds, it leads.  Why not talk about the positive side effects of alumni football and have some fair and balanced reporting? I’ve mentioned this on a few different occasions, but there are so many positive effects to alumni football, it’s just mind boggling. Here is just a short list of those benefits.  If you would like to add to it, please let us know.

1) Increased Agility:

Let’s face it; as we get older, we get fatter and slower, but it’s even worse than that. We lose agility.  Beyond football, how many times have you done “high knees” or “kick your butt?” Probably never. Exercises like these increase your fast twitch muscles.  Fast twitch muscles are responsible for your agility. Some would call it “cat-like reflexes.” By going out on the practice field again, you will not only probably lose a little weight, you will gain back a lot of lost agility.  Agility is important as we get older. It’s what keeps us from losing our balance and falling down…..HELP! I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!

2) Weight Loss:

We talked breifly about fatter and slower. Let’s focus on the fatter. The average male puts on 20 pounds after high school. Some a lot more than that. For every game we do, we usually have about 3-6 players who have lost 30-40+ pounds. That’s a significant decrease in weight.  It gets better though. That is a signifcant decrease in your chances for heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular disease.