It’s starting to get hot in the South, so we’re moving up North before we melt. We’ve got big plans in the Midwest! We’re trying to line up games in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado. Teams are already forming in Sioux Falls, SD.

We have a first during the summer. We’re going to try and put on the first ever (for us, anyway) alumni college game. In Sioux Falls, SD, the boys at Augustana “Augie” College have always had a strong dislike for the boys down the road at the University of Sioux Falls. Neither team has played against each other, but they have always wanted to. We heard that they have even at times gotten into off-campus fist fights. That’s a pretty big rivalry for teams that don’t play each other.



Enter Gridiron Alumni.  We are taking players sign ups for both schools, but University of Sioux Falls is out to an astounding lead with 20 players already signed up.  Come on Augie!  Let’s get on the stick!  And no fighting!  Just suit up and let the pads do the talking!