We love putting on alumni football games. Not only is it a great job, but it’s very fulfilling. I can’t tell you how many emails I get every week from people thanking us for doing this. We want to move all over the United States to put these games on. If you’ve stumbled upon our site, then find your school and sign up. We’ll help you spread the word.

If you are or know a sports writer for the local paper, they are a key ingredient to a successful event. We work hand in hand with many sports writers to announce the event and then give it the coverage that it deserves. If you want Gridiron Alumni to come to your town, then make sure to contact us. We can’t be everywhere, but we’ll sure try. This spring and early summer, we are planning on staying here in the beautiful south. We have games lining up all over Georgia and we’ve started making contacts in Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

If you don’t see your state on our list, it doesn’t mean we’re not coming to your area. If you get your alumni team and the rival going with 40+ players, we’ll find a date to put you on the schedule. Of course, we’re probably not going to Alaska any time soon, but we could be enticed to go to Hawaii.

Make sure to follow our blog as we always announce where we’re planning on going next. It’s really easy. Just click on the RSS button at the top of this article. Thanks for all of your support. It means a lot to us.