In my last blog article, I talked about the power of Social Media to help build your alumni football team. Well, after speaking with one of the players of South LaFourche High in Galliano, LA, I watched another example of how powerful word of mouth can be.

South LaFourche was going to be left at home for the big dance. With about 45 days left, they only had 7 players. I called one of the players and gave him a quick little pep talk. I said, “You can do this! If you want a game against the big rival, Central LaFourche, you better get to work.” After 24 hours, South LaFourche went to 15 players. 48 hours later, it was 30 players. And now, after only 72 hours, South LaFourche has over 40 players and are slated to go head to head with Central LaFourche. Only 72 hours later, a 600% increase in player sign ups.

So, it happens fellas. It happens all the time. Not only did South start building, we saw an increase in the Central players when they saw South getting going. Now, they both have over 40 players registered and they are pumped to play football one more time.

If you’re reading this article, pick up the phone and call two people. Have those two people call two people and we’ll come to your town soon. You can be a part of “America’s Greatest Hits!”

SIDE NOTE: We had two players sign up from over 1 hour away from Bourg, LA because they heard it was happening from a buddy in that town. Now, those areas are starting to develop. It’s like wild fire. You can’t contain it!