Georgia! Oh, Georgia!

We have a lot of great games lined up for Louisiana. We’ve got a few players in Arkansas and enough for one game in Mississippi. However, as we move towards the summer, I can’t help but think of spring in Georgia. Gridiron Alumni is able to see where our website traffic is coming from. Since our inception, Georgia has been our 3rd highest contributor of new visitors (#1 is Louisiana and #2 is California). When we sat down and did our planning, we didn’t even consider Georgia. Nothing personal to the “Peach State,” but we just figured we would spend too much time in Arkansas and Mississippi before heading back through the Midwest.

But after 2 months of Georgia at #3 in visits, we just had to open our minds to one fact: Georgia wants Gridiron Alumni. If you know someone who loves football and lives in Georgia, let them know that their wait is over. Send them to and have them sign up.

Please remember that time is limited, so we are only able to accommodate the first few teams that sign up 50 guys first. So spread the word and soon you’ll be back under the lights in full gear again.