Alumni Football HelmetsOne of the challenges of putting on Alumni football games across the country is acquiring the right amounts and kinds of gear to suit the needs of a team that changes weight, height and girth every 3 hours. Whereas a normal team has to get gear one time, and then add a few pieces every few years as uniquely shaped and sized students join the team. Oh, but wait, there’s more. We sometimes put on 3 games back to back to back. So, we have to have gear for all 3 teams. Magnify that by the numerous high school colors.

We have to thank Trini at for making us a smoking deal on our gear today. Here’s some of the gear that we picked up today:

Schutt Adult Air Advantage Football Helmets

The Schutt AIR Advantage is the lightweight choice for varsity helmets. Without compromising the integrity of the shell, it is designed to be 12% lighter than the Pro AIR II. The AIR Advantage has become the helmet of choice for players and coaches looking for a lightweight alternative. Smooth spherical shell aids in deflecting impact. This helmet is also designed to offer maximum performance and comfort. It is treated with Ultra-Fresh to inhibit growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that cause odor and stains. Large ventilation holes allow air to circulate and keep players cool. Third chin strap snap included to allow for player preference in chin strap selection. Rust resistant stainless steel hardware.

Rawlings Adult Combat Football Shoulder Pads

The Combat Series from Rawlings features Venti Light pad technology. With Venti Light, an outer layer of perforated closed cell EVA foam is laminated to a softer open cell inner foam. Venti Light helps reduce overall pad weight while still providing the same great protection you expect.

The Combat CP36L has a low profile cantilever construction which provides hitting protection without sacrificing field vision or mobility. This is a great all-purpose shoulder pad. The 1/2″ build-ups create a clavicle channel for excellent shoulder protection. Single strap hook-up.

Douglas Adult FB/LB Skill Football Shoulder Pads

The DP Series is the most economical Douglas pad. All DP Series shoulder pads feature 2 layers of protection, a 3/4″ main body cushion and a 1/2″ top redundant cushion.

– Great for fullbacks, linebackers and multi-position players.

– Cut-away shell design provides protection without interfering with a player’s mobility.

– Pre-drilled for easy option attachment.

This is all brand new gear and we look forward to showing it to you in person at the next game. See you then.