We love putting these games on. We love how it rekindles old friendships, let’s dads and sons play together for the first time. Brothers, cousins, and best friends get to take the field together and make it happen. The electricity of a Friday or Saturday night under the lights with screaming fans is too much to explain. You have to see it. I woke up this morning and was looking at our Facebook event page for the games this weekend in Louisiana. Look at these posts.








These are just two posts out of hundreds. Every day, there are 3 or 4 more just like this on this one event page. People are so excited to see their friends and family play football one more time. It’s posts like this that let me know that we are doing is God’s work. Can football make that big of a difference? It can! It changes lives. It’s changed mine. I am so thankful for the game and the people who surround it. Take a look at some more posts:















One post is a support post from a soldier. We wish he could be there too! Below that, you can see that one of the teams was so excited to play again that they actually paid to get their own jerseys. We provide jerseys and everything else you need to play the game, but some teams do elect to get their own personalized jerseys, and that’s GREAT! Make sure to save those jerseys because we’ll be back next year!