We want your alumni football experience to be all that it can be from beginning to end. That is why, after 4 months of using EventBrite, we’ve moved to our own registration system. This system is so much simpler than the EventBrite system. Not that EventBrite is a bad system, but we felt it’s important in this day and age that one less person have access to your contact information (See SPAM).

Our system is easier to navigate. When you click on Find A Game, there is a simple layout of all 50 states. Click your state, find your city, and you are presented with a list of schools in the city. Click on your school and you’re there! Considering there are over 14,000 schools in America that play football, 3 clicks is pretty good, don’t you think? When you get to your school, you will see a very simple form. We’re not the DMV. We just need your name, email, and your cell phone. Click on the two disclaimers and you’re finished with registration. Did I mention that we are now the only ones who have your phone number and email?

We have been grinding away on this for weeks, building up the infrastructure and putting in all of the schools. We rolled the system out last week and it’s working great. Just one more reason to choose Gridiron Alumni for your alumni football games. We care about your personal information as if it was ours.