One of the things we pride ourselves in is having really top notch equipment. After all, you’re paying good money. You should get good equipment to go with it. When I played in my first alumni game, we actually all chipped in $45 and bought our own jerseys. The second year, we didn’t have enough money as a team and we took what they gave us. Well, let me tell you, those jerseys should have been in a museum. They had to be older than I was.

I hear someone out there saying “How old were they?” and I can’t help but sheepishly say that I didn’t know that the apostles had their own football team. While we can’t order every color combinations, we try hard to have what our customers need. This year, we noticed that if we were to get red and purple jerseys, they would really get some good use.

In addition to new jerseys, we have decided to take a portion of our black and white helmets, now totally 220 and have some of them reconditioned and repainted by SunValco in Tempe, AZ. Gary over there gave us a sweet price on them and we’re hoping to have them back for Lodi and Galt to wear them on 9/24 and 9/25 respectively.

This year alone, Red will be worn by Galt and Trinity. Purple will be worn by Tokay, Portola, and Oroville. As always, we order every number between 00 and 99, so nobody’s favorite number is left out.