Gridiron Alumni JerseysWhen Tracy and I first sat down to discuss putting together a company that puts alumni football games, I had one requirement. Nice jerseys! When we played in our first game, we bought our own jerseys. Not every team can do that. The next year we were the home team, so we didn’t want to shell out for jerseys again. Most guys wore the jerseys provided. I busted out my old jersey from 1990 and wore that. I can’t remember if it was always a shorty or if was just me.

I noticed the other guys jerseys. The ones provided by the company that put our event on. Let’s just say that Dick Butkus called and he wanted his high school jersey back. I won’t lie. I actually felt a little embarassed. I remembered that moment. The game was awesome. The gear was not. So, whenever we can, Gridiron Alumni football shells out the cash for top notch equipment. We can’t always buy everything brand new. Sometimes gear is given to us. But we are picky about it. Some of it goes on the trailer. Most of it goes in the trash. We have 90 brand new helmets, 140 brand new shoulder pads, 100 brand new black pants, and 3 sets of jerseys. 100 green, 100 white, and 100 black. And here is a picture of the green and black ones. I think they are sweet. I hope you do, too.