Positive Side Effects of Alumni Football

When I started putting on alumni football games, I did so because of the positive side effects that alumni football had on me and my family. I saw a need for alumni football. Not only to play football one more time, but to reconnect with a part of me that I was missing.  

We have many examples of guys reconnecting with themselves, but I though I would introduce you to one of them.  This is Chad B and he lives in Eastern Kentucky.  

I recently saw this picture on Facebook and I couldn’t help but ask….Did Alumni Football have anything to do with this dramatic change?

Chad said, “It was one of the major contributors to the start of all this. I had been wanting to loose weight for some time. Friends had been doing it and trying to get me to do so. Then, the alumni game presented itself. I hadn’t done anything other than walk a few times before the first practice. So I started practicing, eating healthier, and next thing you know with the support if friends, dropped 43, still have a long ways to go though.”

With alumni football, guys not only get to relive old memories, but they take a glimpse back to what they used to be and know that they can be that person again. We cannot get younger, but we can all be healthier. Good job Chad! Keep up the good work!