For those of you who don’t know already, one of the great things about Gridiron Alumni, Inc. is that we record the games. We will soon have our first video on the board. We learned a lot from the first game. We have a lot of footage of the game, but we wish we could have gotten some footage of the players on the sidelines. It is so electric on the sidelines. Before the game, during the game, and after the game; there is so much to see.

It’s not like a normal game. This one means more. It means more to dads, brothers, mothers, sisters, and especially children. Because of that, we have committed to taking a lot more sideline action during the games in Louisiana. Not only will we get the normal video footage, but we have 2 FLIP cameras that will take great action before the game, after the game, and on the sidelines during the game. We think that this will really add to the whole experience, which is what we are all about!