We need your help. There is a lot of things happening behind the scenes in a Gridiron Alumni event. We are looking for talented people who want to give their best “For the Love of the Game!” If you are 18 and over and have a servant’s heart, we would love to have you help. Some positions are paid positions and some are volunteers. Of course, volunteers always are preferred.

We are looking for people to help check out the gear before the game and check it in after the game. We need officials to manage the game. We need an EMT or doctor to be there at the game. We need talented people in the announcer’s booth who will help the crowd go wild. We need clock operators, music operators, and sideline personnel to help put air in helmets during the game and fix clips when they break. You know what they say, “There is no job too small, only small people!”

If you or someone you know are interested in helping us at our next event, please CONTACT US!