Just wanted to let you all know that things are always getting better here at Gridiron Alumni. Putting on Alumni Football Games is not easy business if you care about your players.

In the past 6 months, we have done so much to improve the game itself. We really believe that we put on some of the best football in the nation. One thing we have noticed is the difference between the number of guys who have signed up and the number of guys who show up. Between registration and game day, there is about a 50% drop-off. That’s a lot of people who are excited about playing football, but somehow can’t pull the trigger on playing when it comes down to game day.

We recently sent out a survey to all of our “ghost” players and we got some tremendous feedback. We have the Top 3 reasons listed and what we have done to help get you to the game.

REASON #1: It costs too much money!

ANSWER: We have now adopted a new player fee system that allows players to Pick Their Price. Our Player Registration Fee is $79. If you choose to pay at the time of registration, we have given you a discount of $20. After that, you have up to 7 days before the game date to make your player fee of $79. If you are a last minute type of guy, then we ask that you pay a small $20 convenience fee, so your fee is $99 instead of $79. Please note that games that do not have 25 players PAID on both teams 30 days before their game date will be postponed.

REASON #2: I had to work that day!

ANSWER: With over 30 days before any game date is scheduled, we have given players plenty of time to ask for the day off. Please make sure to notify your employer AS SOON AS YOU KNOW THE DATE! As an employer myself, I can work around your schedule if you just give me plenty of advanced warning.

REASON #3: I didn’t have time to practice with the guys.

ANSWER: While we would love it if you all could make every practice, we and your teammates understand that you have adult obligations. Work and family take a lot of time. If you can’t make practices, just let your team leader know. YOU CAN STILL PLAY!! Don’t use this as an excuse to not show up. Remember that practice is optional, but it’s also helpful.

So, hopefully that will help some of the players out there get in game! As always, please CONTACT US should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.