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This year, we have had an incredible amount of registrations that did not convert into players. Our average conversion rate is around 50-65%. We always get a few “Lookie Lous.” However, this year, the rate of “Lookie Lous” has gone way up. We have had several games with more than 50 players on each team registered, but where only a few people would pay their player fee and/or show up to practice. It takes a lot of work to put together a game and get a field. It’s a real kick in the teeth when you put in all the work and there’s no payoff.

In order to combat this, we are deciding on whether to implement some type of “Deposit.” We wanted to run you through a quick 5 question survey. Please take a moment and fill out our survey. For every 5 surveys we get in, we will give out one of the following prizes.
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Quarterbacks Throwing Left Handed

Here’s a fun video of quarterbacks throwing left handed. 

It’s funny to watch some of the best quarterbacks in the nation throw the ball southpaw.  AJ McCarron looks like my 6 year old throwing with his left.  Aaron Murray tries so hard to make it look right, but in order to make it happen, he has to slow down, think about every mechanic, and struggle hard to get through it. Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater avoid the embarrassment by just lobbing it. 

Pretty funny stuff, but the music is just atrocious. ATROCIOUS!!! 


We have many hundreds of pictures on our Facebook Page:

We are also now supporting local photographers by publishing links to their sites. If you are a professional photographer and have taken photographs at one of our games, please CONTACT US and we’ll put a link to your site on here.

Draft Day Movie Review – Including Trailer

Hey Guys! I just thought I would give a quick review of the movie Draft Day, with Kevin Costner.  The movie had a great plot line with a really good twist at the end. I went to see this with a buddy, thinking that my wife would be bored to tears. After watching it, I really think that most wives would have liked it. There’s a couple of reason why. First, they do have a really nice romantic component, along with a somber backstory.  Secondly, I think that many women do not understand anything about the draft. I know I’m being sexist, but I’m not trying to do so. My wife loves football and she loves our 49ers. But, she couldn’t tell you one thing beyond a broad definition about what goes on with the draft. 

Don’t believe me? Look at the audience during Draft Day. I’d say it’s safe to assume we’re looking at 98% men. The other 2% are probably the SUPER fans and the ones that just want to be closer to the husband, so we’ll share this perfect day together. I feel sorry for the latter.  

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, Draft Day Movie is pretty darn good. Kevin Costner and Dennis Leary are spot on. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. 


You’re the State Farm Guy

I just think this commercial is so simple, yet good.  As you all will recall my Aaron Rodger’s April Fool’s Day joke article.  This is to hopefully make up for the Packers fans who are probably still mad at me. Go Aaron! 


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Aaron Rodgers Stuns World…”I’m retiring!”

Aaron Rodgers RetiresAaron Rodgers stunned the world today as he announced that he would be retiring.  Unlike his predecessor, Rodgers said that “I would like to go out on the top of my game!” Rodgers has been plagued by injuries over the last few years, including several concussions.  

When asked why it was so sudden, Rodgers answered, “Because my mind is telling me yes, but my body…my body is telling me no!” Rodgers, who is the Super Bowl XLV MVP and has was the NFL MVP in 2011. He has made the Pro Bowl 3 times and broke many records for the Packers.

Rodgers was unscouted from high school, where he went to small Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, CA.  He attended Butte College in Oroville, CA, just a few miles from home.  While there, a scout from Cal Berkely noticed him while scouting a wide receiver for Butte.  He was offered a scholarship and played 2 years for the Bears until drafted by Green Bay in the 1st round (24th pick overall).

Rodgers spent the first 3 years of his career as a backup to legendary Brett Favre.  He became disgrunteled and his relationship with Farve became strained when Favre begain his retirement, only to change his mind 2 more times. Favre ultimately was released by the Packers to end his career with the Vikings and Jets. During those next few years, Aaron Rodgers proved that he was the right man for the job.  He led the Packers to several playoff appearances, conference titles, and helped them to win Super Bowl XLV.

While Rodgers is known as a fairly calm and even-keeled spokesperson, he broke down several times during the press conference.  He even had to take a moment and really gather himself before uttering, “April Fools!”   

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Positive Side Effects of Alumni Football

When I started putting on alumni football games, I did so because of the positive side effects that alumni football had on me and my family. I saw a need for alumni football. Not only to play football one more time, but to reconnect with a part of me that I was missing.  

We have many examples of guys reconnecting with themselves, but I though I would introduce you to one of them.  This is Chad B and he lives in Eastern Kentucky.  

I recently saw this picture on Facebook and I couldn’t help but ask….Did Alumni Football have anything to do with this dramatic change?

Chad said, “It was one of the major contributors to the start of all this. I had been wanting to loose weight for some time. Friends had been doing it and trying to get me to do so. Then, the alumni game presented itself. I hadn’t done anything other than walk a few times before the first practice. So I started practicing, eating healthier, and next thing you know with the support if friends, dropped 43, still have a long ways to go though.”

With alumni football, guys not only get to relive old memories, but they take a glimpse back to what they used to be and know that they can be that person again. We cannot get younger, but we can all be healthier. Good job Chad! Keep up the good work!